most people ignore Dealer Promotions.

They look at the least expensive prize thinking it's what they probably won to see If it's exciting to them.

our solution - make Every Prize something that will get people excited and make them want to come to your dealership.

Our Special marketing plan gets on the average of 10 Times the results of direct mail.

Dealer Advantage Program


Target Specific Plan


1. Vacation Voucher Plan $2,495

 For only $2,495 (includes the $750 in Cash prizes) we will provide every person who comes to you dealership on the day of your promotion an 8 Day / 7 Night Vacation Voucher.

Following is a cost breakdown based on potential buyers coming to your dealership on the day of the promotion

200 people = cost $12.47 per Voucher,
300 people = cost  $8.31 per Voucher
500 people = cost $4.99 per Voucher

Your dealership provides your marketing to promote this incredible contest and we will provide the Vacation Vouchers to your participants. Your dealership collects the contact information of the individuals when they sign in and email the information to our office. We will then email the participants Vacation Voucher information to them within 10 business days.

The price is based on a One day promotion, additional charge for multiple day promotions.

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Neighborhood Saturation Plan