most people ignore Dealer Promotions.

They look at the least expensive prize thinking it's what they probably won to see If it's exciting to them.

our solution - make Every Prize something that will get people excited and make them want to come to your dealership.

Our Special marketing plan gets on the average of 10 Times the results of direct mail.

Dealer Advantage Program


No Ring Voicemail Marketing is the latest marketing Technology in the  world.  It  eliminates all of the negative aspects of telemarketers/cold  calls,  disturbing people at home or work. 

No Ring Marketing eliminates the cost of  paying the  people to make those calls, it far surpasses direct mail  marketing and  is much less expensive and gets same day results, it  surpasses email  marketing and banner ads. 

No Ring Voice Mail Marketing allows you the business owner or sales   person  to send a prerecorded message directly to your potential   customers cell  phone voice mails WITHOUT disturbing them with their   phone ringing,  thus NO RING Marketing.

We will submit your sales/marketing recording and the cell phone numbers  of the areas you select to the Cell Phone Carriers, who will insert your voice message in the person's voice mail. 

The cell phone carriers then forward your recorded message   to the individual’s cell phone voice mails. They can send up to 10,000   voicemail messages an hour.  

The Individuals can listen to their Voice Mail at their convenience. 

96% of recipients listen to their Voice Mail and our program will get about TEN TIMES the responses of Direct Mail. That could add up to a HUGE increase in Sales Leads which means MORE SALES.

FCC Compliant and FTC Compliant

You create your own message or have one of your Associates record it on a computer or a free website link we can send you.  

Your audio message will have More Excitement and Sincerity that Anything you can put in a Direct Mail piece, emai or print ad.

You can have up to 10,000 Voice Mail messages sent an hour.  
Consider how many hours and money it would take to pay people to make 10,000 calls and contacts. 
With 96% recipients listening to their Voice Mails, that equals 960 people hearing your message per 1,000 sent.

You can have up to 10,000 Voice Mail messages sent an hour.   
Our No Ring Marketing saves up to 85% on direct mailer. You could do FOUR Times the Marketing and with TEN Times the response of direct mail that could add up to a Lot More Sales Leads, which means a Lot More Sales. 

And we won't even try doing the math on how long it would take or cost a staff of people to get the same results. 
Share your message (voice mail) with 1,000 or 100,000 people.

Keep in mind your results will vary based on how appealing your message is and how large of a percentage of people reached are interested in what you are offering. So make your message good.