We Do it All

We will mail out 20,000 to 30,000 :pieces to people in your immediate area. We want everyone in your area to know about your contest. We want you to Own your community.

We will train your staff in less than 30 minutes the morning of the promotion on how to get the best results from this unprecedented program.

We will register each person who visits the dealership to redeem their prize. The dealership gets a copy of the names, address, phone numbers and email addresses for follow up.

We allow your dealership to hand out the Cash Prizes, which is included in our program cost, there are No additional charges. By your dealership sales staff personally handing out the Cash prizes and the information for the Vacation Voucher the gratitude is focused directly on your dealerhsip and not on our company.

The Vacation Vouchers will be emailed to the winners from our company within 10 business days (as specified on the mailer).

We will provide the necessary Scratch off  cards/sheets the individuals will scratch off identifying their contest number. Our large contest boards will display the number ranges and which prize it relates to.

We will provide your staff with the additional scratch off cards/sheets to give to the winners so they can give them to their friends and family and invite them to the following Saturday "Friends and Family" contest day.

We can't stress enough on how important this is. You will have people that did not even buy a vehicle from your dealership referring their friends and family to stop in that next Satuday.

the process

Promotion packages

We Offer 3 Standard Programs and we can customize a program to meet your dealership's specific situation

10,000 Piece mail out featuring our 3 Prizes and the bullet points below
20,000 Piece mail out featuring our 3 Prizes and the bullet points below
30,000 Piece mail out featuring our 3 Prizes and the bullet points below

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Contest Scratch off Cards the individual's can reach into a bowel and select their own card to scratch for both the first promotional day and to provide each winner with at least 3 cards to give to their friends and family for the following weekends "Friends and Family" promotional contest at your dealership.
A written guarantee that we will supply enough 8 Day / 7 Night Vacation Vouchers to be given away to the individuals that visit during the first day promotion and for the next weekend;s "Frienda and Family" promotion. All Vacation Vouchers will be emailed to the individual within 10 business days of the promtional contest day (as explained on their mailer)
A Full Staff of up to 5 people to register the individuals who come into your dealership, verify their identification, including inputting their names, address, email and phone numbers.
Each individual will be assigned one of your available sales staff or one of our staffwho will bring the individual back to their desk where they can reach into a bowel and select their scratch off card. They will then scratch off the card in the presence of one of the staff members who will verify their prize.
Each winner should be greeted by a manager or one of our mgmt staff thanking them for coming in and congratulating them on winning such an incredible prize. The manager will then tell the person that next Saturday is a special Friends and Family promotional contest and then hand them 3 to 5 scratch off cards and tell them they can give them out to their friends and family and invite them to come in next Saturday to see what they won.
The Following Saturday's promotional will work the same as this one


Dealer Advantage Program


we all know most people ignore Dealer Promotions. They look at the least expensive prize whcih they believe is what they will win

to see if it's exciting to them.

our solution - make Every Prize something that will get people excited