The Problem: Consumers are imune to the same old promotions. The internet has changed the way peole buy cars and the way people think and react to promotions.

The Solution: Use a promotion with 3 incredible prizes that will absolutely get peoples attention and motivate them to visit your dealership.

Human nature shows us people will make their decision on participating in your promotion based on the lowest prize value. That’s because they feel that is the prize they will probably going to win.

Our unprecedented Giveaways guarantees us even the lowest prize will get people’s attention, and prize #3 will do just that

  • Prize #3 = $350 in Cash and a special gift

  • Prize #2 = $600 in Cash and a special gift

  • Prize #1 = 8 Day / 7 Night Vacation Voucher valid at the individual’s choice of over 60 U.S. cities and 20 Exotic locations.  We want to stress these are NOT timeshare promotions. There are NO meetings or presentations to listen to.

Key #1 to the success of our program is We Know even Prize #3 of $350 in Cash leaves nothing to the individual's imagination. They know what $350 in Cash means and it will excite people enough to drive to your dealership.

our reverse contest

Our program offers our Unprecedented Reverse Contest Concept

 Most contests giveaway just One of the top prizes and the rest of the people win the least expensive prize.

 Our Unprecedented Reverse Contest secretly gives away only One Prize #3 and only One Prize #2. Everyone else wins Prize #1 which in their minds is the highest value prize, but in reality it cost you less than 5% of your cost for Prize #3 (the perceived cheapest prize).

This Reverse Contest Concept assures us that every winner will be excited with their prize. Now it’s crucial for your dealership to capitalize on that excitement.

Imagine the excitement of EVERYONE that comes into your dealership and wins an incredible prize.

Now consider how excited everyone else will be that won the vacation voucher. They will not stop talking about it, and telling their friends and family. So immediately capitalize on that excitement.

Prizes that will get peoples attention

We only work with One Dealership in an area at a time Make sure it's yours.

 Sample Mailer

we all know most people ignore Dealer Promotions. They look at the least expensive prize whcih they believe is what they will win

to see if it's exciting to them.

our solution - make Every Prize something that will get people excited

Dealer Advantage Program


pre Customer Loyalty


Developing unprecedented “Future Customer Loyalty” with a 2nd Bonus Day contest

We will provide your dealership enough of the contest cards so that you sales staff can start developing a future relationship with the winners.

Your sales staff will “confidentially” explain to the winner they are working with that the dealership is having a “Friends and Family” bonus promotional contest ….next Saturday (?)… and offer to give the winner they are talking to 3, 4 or 5 extra contest cards that the winner can give away to their own friends and family and say here are some of my cards make sure they personally ask for me. Your sales staff and Dealership will look like a Star in that contest winner’s eyes.  

Consider even people that did not buy a vehicle from your dealership that day will still be referring their own friends and family to YOUR dealership the next weekend and it DID NOT COST YOU ANY EXTRA MONEY.  Your dealership could have hundreds and hundreds of first time visitors to your dealership referred by friends (your contest winners).